AV-RL1-10C VHT Redline Speaker Cabinet, 10in

AV-RL1-10C VHT Redline Speaker Cabinet, 10in


The Redline 10" Speaker Cabinet is the perfect companion for the amplifiers in the Redline lineup. This cabinet has a cutout beneath the handle to accomodate the Redline Micro 6 amplifier and the open back design affords ample space for the VHT Vooster and powerbank for untethered playing.

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Charles Carey
6th Mar 2019
I purchased 2 of these cabinets (1x10) to go with a Quilter Pro Block and a DV Mark Micro 50 which I bought shortly after getting a hip replacement and needing to lighten my rig for a while. I did not care too much for the speaker it came with but have found it too work amazingly well with a Celestion V10 and a Eminence Ramrod. These speakers are rated between 60-75 watts, have massive headroom, extreme sensitivity, and only add about 3 pounds to the original cabinet weight. They are the most perfect cabinets I have ever played through and since my hip has finally gotten back to pretty damn strong. I have sold my Princeton reverb, Super Reverb, Deluxe Reverb ( all of which had Celestion V10 speakers ) and my 1x12 3/4 back Mesa Rectifier Cab, 1x12 Rectifier Cube, 2x12 Peavey cab, and a 4x12 cab of unknown origin (all vith Vintage 30s). I did not sell these because I could not move them, I sold them because the VHT cab with the correct speaker is superior to the latter. Quilter and one of the cabs is a 200 watt rig that weighs about 15 lbs total. I know that the cabinet is only rated for about 60 watts with the celestion but I have never needed to turn the quilter beyond 50 watts to have more headroom than a twin and all the juice I will ever need. This Cabinet is the Greatest just expect to add another $50-90 to put a quality speaker in.